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Nicholas started his creative work in boats. Both motor and  sail but specialising in unique one off projects where the designs were for a specific clients requirements. This created varied and interesting work but also required a very high standard of quality expected by the customer ordering a bespoke item.  

After well over a decade of bespoke yacht projects using traditional woods and advanced composites of carbon fibre ranging from entire yachts to super yacht components, spars and interiors, Nicholas decided to take a different path with his work and use his engineering knowhow in a more creative and artistic way.

He has now entered his tenth year in designing and making bespoke furniture for clients both in wood and carbon fibre, often using each material together to create his signature aesthetic he has become known for.


Both materials can be utilised for their structure and their aesthetics depending on the piece and its objectives for the client and its environment.  

Nicholas is happy to discuss non furniture pieces and commercial projects too. He is also happy to work to a clients design and can help in modifying ideas to suit the materials he uses.

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